EUTOP50 AI Startups

Winners 2019

Organized in collaboration with Collabwith

Bobby Bahov, CEO, Netherlands

AI Lab One is a consulting and development agency hosting the biggest community of AI experts and Data Science enthusiasts in South Holland with access to more than 950 members.

AI Lab’s mission is to help businesses, society, and government stay ahead of the curve with AI and to position The Hague as the AI centre in the Netherlands.

Through an in-house training program, a local community of specialists, and partnerships with universities, incubators, and global expert networks, AI Lab One builds and operates an ecosystem of innovation and adoption of Artificial Intelligence where creative ideas become scalable solutions and where the next generation of data scientists is curated.

Inga Kasak, CEO, Poland

“We believe that quality does not have to (and should not) eliminate flexible product development. However, the reality often makes it impossible to fully go through the testing process.

That’s why we solve the problem by intelligently selecting tests instead of artificially shortening them.”

AIQA lets you introduce the power of Machine Learning into your testing process and significantly shorten the duration of End-to-End testing.

David King, Founder, Oklahoma City

Exaptive helps researchers and technologists working on a shared problem. Understanding and accessing all your resources – people and technology – is tricky. Building innovative teams is easier said than done. Then actually working together – sharing data and analysis – is a constant struggle.

We use software to make the process of organizing teams and communities easier and more productive. We build tools that make collaborating on data and analysis fluid. We want data and intuition to flow freely among the smart people working together to have an impact.

Uljan Sharka, CEO, United States

iGenius is the scaleup on a mission to reimagine data interaction for businesses.

Our vision is to disrupt the B2B data industry by bringing a consumer approach to it. We are the creators of crystal, the first virtual advisor for data intelligence.

Sebastian Denef, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Germany

“We unite humans and artificial agents into effective team”

OWN intelligence is a visual data platform for collaboration between humans and artificial agents. OWN intelligence empowers teams to jointly answer complex questions by visually combining data from different sources: Files, Links / Websites, Real-Time Data Analytics

OWN AI Agents are digital assistants or bots programmed for expert jobs, implementing a number of artificial intelligence technologies to analyze data from various sources. Agents support you to keep up with emerging knowledge and develop market understanding.

Peter de Kock, Founder, Netherlands

“Effectively, we will help your organization to mitigate risks and enhance opportunities”

Pandora Intelligence is an independent intelligence company, specialized in security risks.

Pandora intelligence aims to introduce the potential of creative scenarios to the domain of security.

We adopt a narrative approach to combine and correlate enterprise data from our customers, with data from open sources. By doing so we offer the possibility to discover the story of adverse or competing organisations, and subsequently, we offer counter-narratives or intervention-options, that adjust their story to the benefit of our customers.

Gian Guido Riva, Founder, Italy

“We are defining the Next Orthopedics together.”

Rejoint is a start-up pioneer in new technology and surgical approaches in Total Knee Arthroplasty.

Rejoint has developed a solution for knee replacement based on the integration of 3D Additive Manufacturing (AM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT), which enables the design of personalized implants and surgical simulation-based on unique patient anatomy.

Filip Vermeylen, Co-Founder of RASL & Professor of Global Art Markets at the Erasmus University

“where arts & science meet”

Codarts Rotterdam, Arts & Culture Studies (EUR), Erasmus University College (EUR) and Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam are collaborating more intensively and joined forces in the Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab (RASL).

RASL can become a central player within the arts and sciences sector in Rotterdam, by nurturing versatile and talented students, developing innovative educational structures, and promoting multi and interdisciplinary research, of which RASL intends to be both incubator and catalyst.

Since September 2016 Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab has offered a dual degree to students, the first of its kind in The Netherlands. The Dual Degree is a five year programme in which students combine two full-time bachelor programmes: at Erasmus University or Erasmus University College, and Codarts or Willem de Kooning Academy. The programme challenges students to combine science and art. It offers opportunity to develop their diverse talents across disciplines

Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria, Founder and CEO, United States

“’s mission is to augment and accelerate human potential through the application of personal AI to individuals.”, based in Bilbao and Silicon Valley, is a leader in Artificial Intelligence services. Among its products is the conversational and predictive Digital Assistant that learns from users’ context and is capable of anticipating their needs before they even have to ask.

Plus, has been named one of the top 10 leading Artificial Intelligence companies in the world, alongside Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM. In 2019, Tom Gruber, founder and ex-CTO of Siri, joined the team; and in 2020, marketing executive Joanna Hoffman, the former Marketing Director at Apple, became part of the team.’s Artificial Intelligence technology is designed to be integrated into products like automobiles, smart headphones, home speakers, and appliances. has agreements with companies like Porsche and Samsung, among others. also has free applications available for smartphones and tablets.

Irina Rammos, Data Science & Future Developments, Netherlands

“Using airliner fleets to better understand our planet”

SkyfloX is a European Space Agency ‘spin-off’ company, currently dedicated to the development of an ESA patented sub-orbital constellation concept, ORCA: re-using commercial aircraft for Earth Observation and Telecommunications. Please visit our website for more information.

Jeroen van Zwieten, Developer, Netherlands

“Creating AI solutions for sustainable futures.”

We generate world-class AI solutions through deep-learning models for sustainable futures. With a strong focus on facilitating climate adaptation and resilience building, our team strives to put the “super” in human action.

Using different sources of data, like remote sensing, we can cater solutions to a variety of urban, infrastructural and sustainable sectors.

We work together with decision-makers at every level. Our partners and clients consist of governmental institutions, businesses, and other front runners who strive toward using cutting-edge AI applications for positive impacts.

Xavier Alabart, Founder, Spain

“don’t try to predict the future, create it yourself”

Helping Newspapers to move from ads to subscription business model.

Laura Núñez Casamor, CEO, Spain

STIMAT is the first online software that connects homeowners, professionals, and distributors in real-time, a home renovation digital disruption. It allows contractors, architects, and interior designers to reduce 80% of the time spend making budgets thanks to:

– Online, customized, and editable Budget Generator that generates a comprehensive budget with a reliability of 90%
– Connected Data Base of Distributors prices

STIMAT allows homeowners to interact online with the professional’s budget through a microsite so that he can choose among the professional’s catalog that most fit their needs. An option that saves also a lot of time to the professional and that empowers the homeowner as well.