EUTOP50 Hemicycle and Start-up Convention

Winners 2017


Javier Rodriguez (20), Co-Founder, Spain

“Did you know that you can charge your iphone with the power of a plant?”


What if our forests could become the energy stations of the future? Bioo is a clean-tech company capable of generating electricity from plant’s photosynthesis. Their mission is to turn forests into future energy stations. With nearly 8000 customers joining their movement they are leading a green revolution in which plants will provide the most sustainable and competitive energy source charging our cities in the future .


Steinar Henskes (28), Co-Founder, Netherlands

“Did you know that bird strikes cause annual damages of up to $1.2 billion to commercial aircrafts worldwide?”


Bird Control Group provides innovative products to keep birds at a distance from commercial activities, ensuring a safer working environment and a highly effective way of damage prevention. Steinar’s laser technology solves the conflict between humans and birds in more than 70 countries around the world. His customers include large multinationals, airports and governments. Steinar’s animal friendly solutions have been recognized by the World Wildlife Fund.


Mitja Mavsar (23), Founder , Slovenia

“Did you know that up to 40% of kids need professional help with speech and language development?”


Speech Blubs is a powerful app that has been used over 150,000 times to trigger sounds and words in toddlers, late talkers, children with Apraxia, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD and SPD. Blub Blub uses voice activation and facial recognition using a video-modeling teaching method triggering children’s mirror neurons. Within 3 months Mitja has gained over 2000 paid subscribers and over 3000 therapists are using his app in schools and clinics turning Blub Blub into the number 1 app in education in Slovenia.


Berend Jan Kleute (31), Co-founder, Netherlands

Did you know that Ocean Thermal Energy could take us to 100% renewable-energy?

Berend Jan

Bluerise is creating an energy breakthrough by generating utility scale electricity through Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. Ocean thermal energy, is a largely untapped resource, and one of the world’s largest renewable energy sources. It will be able to outcompete fossil fuel based generation and other renewables that require storage and grid balancing. It will play a crucial role in the future energy mix being one of the very few constant energy sources, available day and night, year-round. It’s development can create an energy breakthrough in which Europe can play a significant role. Together with their partners Bluerise is working on pilots in Curacao, Jamaica, Colombia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia and plans to approach all 100 countries with access to the Ocean Thermal Energy in the tropics.



“Did you know that the shipping industry generates as much CO2 as the 6th most polluting country in the world?”

Cargo vessels emissions represent a huge environmental challenge severely impacting public health, but they also have a massive internal problem as fuel represents up to 80% of their operating costs.

bound4blue’s wingsail system offers a complete solution to these challenges: 30% of fuel savings and significant pollution emissions reduction. bound4blue’s highly innovative concept brings aviation technology to the shipping industry, via their patented new foldable wingsail designed specifically for assisted clean propulsion of vessels. As a result, bound4blue ́s wingsails thrust capacity is ten times higher than that of traditional sails and existing novel designs. The system is suitable for a wide range of vessels: from fishing and recreational vessels to large merchant vessels. Their key solution is completed with a user friendly automated control system and a route optimization software which brings further fuel savings. bound4blue has been incubated by the European Space Agency, closed two investment rounds and have been awarded 4 public research grants. The startup is ready to go to market in 2018 and predicts to make up to 40 Million in revenue in the first 5 years.



“Did you know that air pollution costs European economies US$ 1.6 trillion a year in diseases and deaths?”

Air pollution is now the single biggest environmental health threat of our time. It kills nearly seven million people per year, and even in less affected regions effects are enormous: For example, the productivity of white-collar workers decreases by up to 50% in offices with bad air quality. Air quality data has so far been sparse, yet you cannot effectively manage what you cannot measure. Breeze Technologies provides integrated, hyperlocal and real-time air quality data enabled through sensors up to 1.000 times cheaper and 50.000 times smaller than the industry standard. Working with various multinational partners, Breeze supports data-based interventions, policy planning and implementation through a self-learning environmental intelligence platform.


United Kingdom

“Did you know that it takes 454 watt-hours of energy to make just one watt-hour of storage?”

In a world where batteries are everywhere, and the cost to make them is huge, it’s essential to get the most out of every battery. Brill Power addresses the problem of battery aging and degradation in stationary storage and electric vehicle applications. They develop cutting-edge intelligent battery pack management and control technology that allows accessing the full potential of every individual lithium-ion cell. Brill Power’s patent pending cell management solution can extend the lifetime of a conventional battery pack by up to 60%, while largely improving its resilience to unexpected failure of individual lithium-ion cells. By 2022, Brill Power expect that their sales alone will offset 2.3 million tons of CO2 equivalents.



“Did you know that global VR revenues are forecasted to hit $80 billion by 2025?”

Broomx Technologies provide live immersive 4D experiences in physical spaces at a consumer price-point. Mixing technology and creativity, they have created a unique device called MK Player360 that allows users to enjoy VR experiences socially without glasses or headsets. This patented technology, created with the philosophy of being all-in-one & plug&play, can be brought to any room or corner and, once it’s set up, the user can control the system via a smartphone app and have their entire field of vision covered by standard VR & 360º projections. With partners ranging from multinationals in the electronics industry to hotel resorts, their technology has a huge impact on various industries including education, health and tourism. This technology has initiated their journey and has been used among others to treat depression and anxiety disorders, to enforce climate change awareness, to create learning tools for students or to enhance the quality of life for people who are hospitalised, creating a virtual window to the world.


United Kingdom

“Did you know that a third of Europe’s population will be over 65 by 2050?”

Cera is a technology-enabled home care provider looking to transform the elderly care market. They have provided over 100,000 hours of care with a 99% satisfaction rating, and have partnered with the NHS to deliver home care across a population of 5 million people. Through their matching algorithm and automated scheduling systems they were able to arrange home care within 24 hours, while still taking into consideration a patient’s needs and preferences. They were also able to take a lower margin so they could pay their carers 50% higher than the industry average. This results in recruitment of experienced, capable carers who are well trained and provide the highest quality of care. They are the best rated care provider across three user satisfaction platforms, and have been recognised by the UK Government’s Cabinet Office as a role model for partnering with the public sector.



“Did you know that the EU will face a shortage of 800,000 IT workers by 2020?”

There is a huge demand for developers in Europe, yet most IT education is solely available in English. With 24 official languages spoken in Europe alone, it’s no surprise that non-native English speakers prefer to learn in their own language. CodeBerry is building the largest non-English speaking programming school in the world. The platform offers hands-on education in web development technologies in the students’ mother tongue and simultaneously serves as a recruitment platform to land them new IT jobs. Codeberry has gained quick traction with over 25.000 users, from that 1,500 paying customers so far and over 400.000 completed assignments. The target market for CodeBerry includes 13M people with a total of $1.3B value. The number of developers in these countries is expected to rise from 16M to 24M (+67%) in the next 4 years. Their goal is to expand to 20 countries by the end of 2018.



“Did you know that emergency departments funnel 250 million calls into the hospital system and one in six people are misdiagnosed each year?”

Medical professionals are expected to process an unprecedented variety of expert knowledge and as a result 1 in 6 patients is misdiagnosed each year. Corti is a machine learning company that uses auto-speech recognition (ASR) to provide live diagnostic aid during emergency calls, at a patients very first contact with the healthcare system. Corti provides more accurate diagnostic advice to emergency service personnel, allowing patients to get the right treatment, faster. To put this into perspective, Corti is able to diagnose cardiac arrest with up to 95% accuracy in less than 50 seconds. Corti’s technology is democratizing medical expertise worldwide. The Danish Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are already using their technology, and they have successfully deployed it in Australia and the US. They expect to reach 100 new EMS customers by 2018.



“Did you know that every second someone in the world needs a blood transfusion in order to survive?”

Do you know your blood type?Every second someone in the world needs a blood transfusion, which poses a huge challenge in an emergency situation as only a compatible blood type can be used. To make things more difficult, blood type tests in this environment take more than 60 minutes even in optimal situations. CRIAM has designed a portable medical device that can quickly determine someone’s blood type in 3 minutes. Their patented technology uses machine learning and computer vision increasing medical efficiency and saving lives. This technology will also allow CRIAM to detect diseases in a Point of Care environment.



“Did you know that grades are often the only metric used in assessing education quality?”

Edurio helps over 600 schools and education agencies continuously monitor education quality, with a deep focus on non-academic indicators such as school climate and culture, student and staff perception and stakeholder engagement. The global shift of focus from a knowledge-based education to that of developing skills and competencies, shows that the importance of non-academic indicators of education quality is growing in every education system. With over 9000 teachers and 85000 students registered on their platform they have been able to gather over 7 million survey responses providing access to important data that is crucial for education reform.



“Did you know that 40% of the world’s energy is consumed by buildings?”

The better people feel in their building environment, the better they work, learn, shop and enjoy themselves. Enerbrain turns buildings into sustainable, economical and social assets. Theit IoT solution “Energy Cloud” consists of air quality sensors, a cloud platform that receives environmental data and wireless actuators installed in the heating and cooling systems without any invasive change. Their powerful algorithm analyzes the data and calculates the optimal temperature parameters, using machine learning to improve over time. Buildings using Enerbrain have reduced energy bills by more than 30%, while increasing the comfort of the occupants. Today Enerbrain help clients in 5 countries achieve their sustainability goals.

15. EVA Vision

Peter Ferenczy (28), Hungary

“Did you know that 20 million people in Europe suffer from a visual impairment? “


EVA is a voice controlled wearable AI assistant for the visually impaired. EVA’s Artificial Intelligence recognises objects, texts, and signs and verbally describes what it sees relentlessly scanning and analysing your surrounding. She can handle your incoming phone calls, read your emails, help you compose a reply or assist you in finding your way home. EVA is currently building a functional wearable prototype and is eager to start user acceptance trials in many European cities.



Exovite optimizes the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and has been developing solutions for the past 3 years to improve the treatment of fractured and broken bones. Their first product; the Exoscan, is a 3D scanner capable of capturing the exact image of the patient’s limb, and using an exclusive software, it generates a personalized splint which is 3D printed within 5 minutes. The splint is 75% lighter than a conventional plaster cast, is waterproof and made from skin-friendly material. It is printed directly in the hospital so it reduces medical costs and the design and material of the splint allows for maximum comfort for the patient.



“Did you know that Fotokite is the first ever UAV technology to be approved by aviation authorities for commercial use in cities and above crowds of people?”

Imagine a 100m camera crane that packs up into the size of your carry- on luggage. Fotokite creates self-flying aerial robotics tools for Public safety, Broadcast, and Sports markets that provide real-time video for 24+ hours of continuous flight. Firefighters & Public Safety teams can use the system for immediate aerial situational awareness. Fotokite has a patented technology that is a major step ahead of traditional drones and is devoted to making autonomous robotics an everyday thing. The technology has been adopted by BBC, AFP, CNN, Tribune Media, and many more.



“Did you know that the digital workplace industry is expected to grow to €25B in 2024?”

70 % of the employees are unhappy with their current intranet providers and HR departments are desperately looking for new solution to engage employees and have more efficient internal communication. Universe’s mission is to make large companies efficient again! Universe is the next generation digital workplace platform for enterprises helping them to be +200% times faster in their internal communication and collaboration. They combine Collaboration Softwares and Enterprise CMS under the same platform in a modern way. With 180,000+ installed users they are trusted by companies such as Rovio, also known as ‘the AngryBirds company’.



“Did you know that stroke rehabilitation and industry training can be done from your home?”

Gleechi’s software solutions enables hand interaction between humans, computers and robots. Their technology is based on 8 years of robotics research and is the first software to enable free and realistic hand interaction in virtual reality. Their products are currently used for games, industry training and rehabilitation in VR. The technology is based on algorithms that can predict and visualize intended body movement, enabling, among much else, patients who suffers from disabilities from stroke to do more relevant and motivating rehabilitation exercises in their homes. Similarly, Gleechi’s technology makes it possible for robots to pick up objects without being restricted to pre-programmed repetitive movement. This way robots can perform tasks that previously demanded the dexterity and flexibility of human hands. Gleechi’s customers include world-leading companies within automation, manufacturing and VR development, and they are now aiming to become the standard solution for all hand interaction.



“Did you know that it is possible to detect a heart rhythm disorders by simply using your smartphone camera?”

Atrial Fibrillation is the most common Arrhythmia and a prevalent cause of stroke in the world, leading to annual totals of 750,000 hospitalizations and 130,000 deaths, with those numbers rising for the past two decades. Happitech allows you to detect a heart rhythm disorders simply by using your smartphone camera. By placing your finger on the camera, the Happitech algorithms can detect even the smallest variations in your heartbeat.



“Did you know that 3 million people in Europe suffer from Eating disorders?”

Treatment of an eating disorder ranges from 500€ to 2.000€ per day. Outpatient treatment, including therapy and medical monitoring, can cost up to 100,000€, and significant decreases the quality of life. Jordina is the founder of HealthApp a young start-up focused on the development of intelligent mobile tools for the health sector, with special emphasis on improving communication between patients and therapists in long-term and chronic illnesses. The startup wants to offer effective home support between medical consultations. Healthapp’s aim is to become the first European company facing the challenges of connecting patients and therapists, improving their quality of life and improve the European healthcare starting with the treatment of Eating Disorders. Everyday Healthapp impacts the lives of 600 patients who use the application daily. Jordina appeared as one of the most promising entrepreneurs in Spain for 2017, and has been recognized by MIT’s under 35 innovators.



“Did you know that there are currently 5 Billion (dis)connected devices?”

Carlos Lei Santos

HypeLabs is an SDK platform that allows any device to communicate even without the internet. Today, Hypelabs is used by more than 300 companies on a closed beta program. Their client portfolio has more than a dozen Fortune 500 enterprises using their services.From messaging apps to vehicles, file sharing tools to drones, their technology is already being used on a wide variety of use cases. The founders’ vision is to connect everything in the future: securely, interoperable and even when offline.

23. IN OVO


Did you know that we kill 3.2 billion male chicks, right after hatching, worldwide, every year because they are useless in the egg industry?”

They are killed either by suffocation or shredding, based on manual gender typing. In Ovo is developing a gender typing machine which can detect sex differences by day nine with 95 percent accuracy. The mass spec test takes a second per egg. The company has shown its capable of determining gender fast and cost-effective and is now scaling up its throughput. As the poultry industry in Germany, France, the US, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands want to stop the killing of chicks soon, there is great interest in Ovo’s technology. In Ovo is refining egg waste for valuable proteins and is developing a virtual assistant for hatchery managers to improve the welfare for the animals and maximize the earnings for farmers. In Ovo collaborates with large industry players, NGO’s and the Dutch government and its closing a funding round that will enable it to grow improving the lives of billions of chickens and thousands of farmers around the world.



Include is a Croatian hardware company, founded by a 22-year-old innovator Ivan Mrvoš. In less than 3 years they became one of the top producers of smart street furniture in Europe. Their Steora smart bench is currently the most advanced street bench on the market. It provides cable and wireless charging for all smart devices, a free Wi-Fi hotspot, street light in the evening, 15 sensors for tracking bench usage and environmental data, and a dashboard — an advanced web platform where their users can track data from every bench in real time. More than 450 benches in 125 cities and municipalities across the globe have already created social spots providing huge amounts of data for future urban planning, which helps optimize public spaces, making them more efficient in every aspect for their citizens.



“Did you know that Inkonova built the world’s first specialized drone solution for underground mines?”

Deep in underground mines, some zones are inaccessible. Inkonova builds drones that fly, drive and climb and use laser technology to scan zones, and create a 3D map of them. Inkonova is advancing aerial robotics technology to push forth human reach to any space untouched by man-made infrastructure. Inkonova’s TILT Ranger; was the world’s first specialized drone solution for underground mines, they have sold units and flown missions in Sweden, UK, Canada, Peru, Chile and Mali. Their R&D effort is creating a new feature in aerial robotics; “Batonomous Navigation”. Currently drones in the open air have eyes and brains which help them navigate, but they cannot navigate in dark caves and mines. Inkonova is transforming birds into bats, autonomy to batonomy, where an intricate architecture of laser scanning, flight control, mapping and localization algorithms are used for a new set of eyes and brains.



“Did you know that by 2020 there will be more than 30 billion connected devices worldwide, each transmitting information?”

This number is growing fast, with 3 billion annually. What if you could start gathering Insights of Things directly from these connected devices, anywhere on earth, even in the most remote places? The location and condition of livestock, leasing equipment, beehives, grain silos, rivers. You name it. The Internet of Things (IoT) truly means everything. It could transform the way our planet lives, works and operates on a daily basis.That’s where we come in. Magnitude Space offers a global network bringing Insights of Things to organizations worldwide.



“Did you know that more than 200.000 people in Europe die from adverse drug reactions every year?”

Less than 0.5% of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) cases are officially reported. Reliable data on ADRs is desperately needed for treatment, drug safety, and drug discovery. MEDIKURA is a healthcare IT and analytics platform with the primary goal to improve drug safety. They offer a holistic process innovation by providing an automatic, standardized and central reporting platform which connects patients, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies in real-time. MEDIKURA provides pharmaceutical companies with digital interfaces to enable multi-directional data exchange between all stakeholders.



“Did you know that it is estimated that there are about 2.5 Exabytes of data produced everyday?”

Dominik Tomičević

Memgraph is accelerating the world’s ability to build the next generation of enterprise applications by bringing the world’s first high-performance database management technology specifically optimized for storing and exploring deeply interconnected data in real-time. By blending cutting-edge algorithms, data structures, in-memory computing, and building everything from the ground up using proprietary techniques, Memgraph delivers performance improvements between 10x-100x compared to existing commercial solutions. Startups and enterprises are turning to Memgraph to power state of the art fraud detection, anti-money laundering and cyber security systems amongst other applications.



Mr.Chadd guarantees on demand homework assistance within a 10 second time frame. The platform has launched on the 26th of september 2017 and already assists over 100.000 students in the Netherlands who seek personalized education from screened and trained university educated coaches. The students pay a monthly subscription and can use the service to chat, send photo’s and speech memo’s, enabling them to get the direct, tailor-made help while doing their homework. Over 100 coaches work for Mr.Chadd on a freelance basis from any location in the world and get paid by the second helping thousands of students through personalised homework assistance.



“Did you know that radiotherapy complications represent an economic burden estimated at over €400M / year just for the European healthcare systems?”

More than 50% of cancer patients undergo radiotherapy as part of their treatment and 5–10% of them will develop severe side effects. There is currently no tool to identify at-risk patients before starting the treatment. NovaGray is developing the first tests assessing patient’s sensitivity towards radiotherapy (for breast, prostate and lung). The NovaGray tests only require a blood sample, taken before radiotherapy starts, and provide quick results within a week. This breakthrough innovation is patented and relies on both a biological assay and a predictive analysis. NovaGray’s first test for breast cancer was validated on over 500 patients in a trial funded by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa) and was CE-marked in March 2016.


United Kingdom

“Did you know that type 2 diabetes cost the UK £10 billion per year?”

OurPath is a digital lifestyle change programme aiming to tackle the growing ‘lifestyle’ disease epidemic. Less than a year after its initial June 2016 launch, OurPath became the first ever digital behavioural change programme to be commissioned by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) where lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes cost the system £9 billion per year. On the back of two clinical trials, and an NHS pilot, users of the OurPath programme have seen an average of 8.2% weight loss and over a 50% reduction in risk for type 2 diabetes. The benefits of OurPath are not limited to health alone. It is estimated that just a 5–7% reduction in weight will save the NHS roughly £70 million a year, with wider economic savings to the United Kingdom of nearly £210 million a year. OurPath is looking to roll out its programme across the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, bringing an effective and accessible preventative solution to those who need it most.



Photoneo developed a unique, patented method of 3D object sensing, which allows them to produce 3D cameras with the highest resolution at frame rates up to 60 FPS. Such high performance of resolution and speed in a single camera allow Photoneo to deliver its revolutionary 3D technology to any company that produces or assembles products using automated production lines or robots. While designing and bringing this new smart 3D camera to market, Photoneo has also developed a state of the art 3D scanner for static scenes, which it is actively selling globally to clients as part of their advanced automation. Photoneo sells complete turn-key bin picking solutions, allowing robots to grab randomly placed objects from a container sequentially and orienting them to a desired place and position. After filing their first patent, Photoneo attracted one of the most significant Central Eastern European seed funding rounds of 2.1M EUR, led by Prague based Credo Ventures.



PlanRadar is a cloudbased SaaS solution for construction documentation, task and defect management in construction and real estate projects. Today there are on average 1–2 defects per 10m² in real estate projects. Plan Radar’s solution supports the user in recording, documentation, communication and tracking of tasks and defects. Project managers, architects, technicians and facility & property managers can record tasks and defects in a cost & time saving way directly on site with their tablet or smartphone and assign them in real time to the responsible project stakeholder. Today PlanRadar has more than 1,200 customers from 23 countries worldwide, and receives over 150 new inquiries a week from companies who would like to work with PlanRadar.



“Did you know that in the next 4 years 397 Skyscrapers will be in their construction phase in Europe and hundreds of heavy trucks will paralize everyday traffic ?”

ProperGate was designed to address the challenge of logistics coordinators at construction sites through the automation of delivery requests, the synchronisation of equipment & unloading spots, traffic monitoring as well as intelligent, hands-free communication with drivers, operators, contractors, traffic marshalls & security guards to ensure just-in-time deliveries. Their solution allows to eliminate traffic jams and decreases CO2 emission. ProperGate has been successfully implemented at the construction site of the highest skyscrapper in Europe and will soon be implemented at several new construction sites by one of the world leading project development and construction groups. Propergate is reinventing the way one deals with logistics in the construction & real estate industry.



“Did you know that 5% of children have problems with a lazy eye or crossed eyes?”

Currently the only two solutions for treatment which are available on the market are either an eyepatch, or an expensive, inefficient vision therapy that requires parents to bring their children to optometry clinics 2–3 times a week. RemmedVR addresses this by providing a telemedicine solution for a home vision therapy with the use of VR. For the first time doctors have full ability to monitor the therapy process and have access to objective results completely remotely. This breakthrough in vision therapy enables patients to get cured at least twice as fast by having access to home therapy on a daily basis, substituting the medieval eye patch and reducing the costs of treatment by 50% on average in comparison to stationary vision therapy.



The volume of video archives is skyrocketing and multimedia content owners such as broadcasters and surveillance system companies require an intelligent software that automatically understands video contents and tags them to make their archives searchable, monetize archives in an online platform, and automate monitoring. Manual tagging is too expensive and time-consuming and requires many hours of human labor. Sensifai, a Techstars graduate addresses this challenge by offering the world’s most comprehensive automatic video tagging software which recognizes more than 10,000 different scenes, objects, actions, celebrities, sports, landmarks, logos and NSFW content. Their software uses state-of-the-art deep learning technology and is trained over several millions of videos, images and audio signals. Sensifai’s technology can fundamentally change the way computers interact with humans and significantly improve security systems, multimedia asset management, and assistive technologies. The security applications of Sensifai include live monitoring such as for example flagging of weapons, fire, crying and unattended bags. In robotics and assistive technologies, Sensifai facilitates developing robots understanding surrounding environment and similarly helps visually impaired people by live descriptive tagging over wearable cameras.



Skriware’s mission is to teach children 21st century STEAM education skills using 3D printing technology, in particular in the process of designing, printing/prototyping, building and programming a personalised robot. They have developed an entire Skriware ecosystem, being a one-stop-shop consisting of easy-to-use, nicely designed and versatile 3D printers, 3D-printed robots/drones and an online education platform with software solutions such as the 3D creator, their mobile app teaching programming, and a 3D model library. Skriware’s 3D printers, courses and lessons are used in 10 countries, taking children on their personalized learning adventure through space, while teaching them the most sought-after skills on the job market.



“Did you know that in 30 years from now, there will be 9 billion people living on this planet?”

Agriculture must double food production to sustain the global population, with fewer resources and reduced environmental impact. Over 90% of population growth is concentrated in the so-called sun-belt region. These areas are characterized by an abundant solar resource and by poor or unreliable infrastructures. This is a major problem as it hampers the deployment of new horticultural projects, despite the huge demand. SOLHO has developed an innovative system that uses the sun and sea water as an input to generate all the streams required to operate a greenhouse facility. The system has 3 key features: it is completely off-grid, it operates 24/7, and it allows to dramatically decrease the operational costs by 90%. Solho designs and develops the solar system and sells it to greenhouse manufacturers for an average price of 5M for a 5 ha greenhouse project. SOLHO is finalizing the design of the proof of concept to be operational by August 2018 in France and plans to sell the first commercial system by 2019.



Storro B.V. is a high-tech software company that contributes to a safer world through enabling secure communication, making secure sharing easy. Storro is a peer-to-peer Blockchain application enabling you to safely store and share files without the cloud decrease dependency on cloud providers, which is good for privacy of Europeans.Thanks to Storro’s unique mix of technologies, your files are encrypted and distributed to storage locations you trust. With Storro your files only come into the hands of those for whom they are intended. The founders of Storro are cyber security experts with specialization in, among others, encryption, network protocols, blockchain technology and geopolitics having received recognition through various (inter)national awards.


United Kingdom

Sunlight enables employers to create an engaging learning culture at work by empowering their staff to take ownership of their professional development. Through the platform employers can control how much each team member is allowed to spend across the year, approve requests from their employees on everything from books, courses and events, and only get charged for what they use, in one monthly invoice. Through its work with existing clients such as Skimlinks, Wonderbly and Typeform, Sunlight has seen that it improves learning engagement by over 40%.



Misdiagnosis have been a blindspot in medicine for decades. Each year, 1.5 million lives could be saved with the right diagnosis. is an award winning search engine for diseases. Physicians enter symptoms and receive a list of matching causes — sorted by probability for the respective patient. Symptoma thus empowers doctors and patients to diagnose even ultra rare diseases. The company has invested over 10 years in R&D, and so far established one of the largest disease databases with over 20.000 diseases and millions of connections to symptoms, risk factors and statistics. With over 700,000 unique users per month — the German Minister of Health has acclaimed SYMPTOMA as one of the world’s best health care innovations.



“Did you know that the costs of youth unemployment in Europe is approximately €2 billion per week?”

TalentAdore Ltd. is a Finnish HR technology company founded in 2014. Their Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) is a recruitment software that cleverly combines Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to handle the entire recruitment process from job postings, to hiring decisions, and building dynamic Talent Communities. With its consumer grade user experience, the VRA streamlines recruitment end-to-end processes by automating manual and repetitious tasks. The technology has been proven to have high demand. During the last 6 months, they have sold their product to some of the biggest companies in Finland and entered into Mexico.



“Did you know that 30 per cent of all branded drugs bought in developing nations are counterfeit?”

Talkin’ Things is the leader in delivering smart packaging solutions for IoT and has a long history of working with leading brands and packaging companies to deliver innovative solutions that define the trends in the Smart Packaging market. Talkin’ Things is the only provider in the world that offers a real end-2-end solution with customizable technology, software, hardware and marketing creation. Products using their technology include customer engagement tools, security and logistic options, and a comprehensive data management system with customizable APIs. Talkin’ Things has over 20 pending patents and is bringing 1.5 Billion tags on the market within a year, reimagining the customer experience.

44. TEAM8


“Did you know that 1/3 children in Europe between the ages of six and nine are either overweight or obese?”

Team8 is a connectable watch for children (5–12 years old) encouraging them to be a super hero and to challenge their friends through various activities requiring the kids to do exercise to become stronger heroes! Parents get access to important data on children’s weight, physical activity, but also their food intake and will receive warnings in case products could pose allergies, The watch sends parents reminders for medication adherence, and help them manage their children’s health issues. Team8 has built many partnerships with big corporates for technology (communication), health (insurance) and distribution (retailers) and they are on a mission to fight obesity through a fun and engaging way.



Toposens invented the world’s first real time 3D Ultrasound Sensor bringing sound vision to technology and are working with customers ranging from MBW to Porsche. With its systems cars gain the ability to park and drive autonomously in close proximity and low speed environments. Their 3D sensors are working with ultrasound, enabling them to see like bats, which navigate through sound and therefore enabling precise 3D detection of objects in real time through powerful algorithms and standard hardware. The sensor system of Toposens generates new ways of providing non-optical vision to machines, simplifying and transforming our interaction with technology making autonomous systems of tomorrow smarter and more efficient. Next to automotive applications they see huge opportunities in robotics, building intelligence and logistics and the consumer electronics sector. Next year Toposens will release its first anonymous people tracking solution and a low-cost robotics collision avoidance sensor to bring the vision of intelligent technology one step closer to become reality. Toposens was awarded ICT Company of the year by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.



Authenticating people online should be seamless and secure. TypingDNA recognizes people by the way they type and uses this for online authentication. Their proprietary A.I. based typing biometrics authentication solution allows companies to have an accurate typing pattern matching solution with an easy-to-integrate API making the integration quick and easy. TypingDNA is currently used for online banking authentication, online payments fraud prevention, but also to stop students from cheating on their online degree exams. European financial service companies are currently facing new regulation which requires additional customer authentication for preventing fraudulent transactions. TypingDNA is a solid no-compromise solution, which is safe and user-friendly.


Finland changes the way humans work in customer service. They use state-of-the-art deep learning models that learn from historical chat data and can handle common customer service cases automatically while escalating hard cases to humans. supports multiple languages and can be trained with chat-logs in a matter of days. Their AI works alongside humans learning from them and freeing them to focus on things that matter. is working with multiple large companies including Telcos, Government and Airlines.



“Did you know that 92% of all hospitals still distribute drugs manually?”

Hospital drug distribution, is insecure, error-prone and puts patients and communities at risk. UnitDoseOne automates pharmacies , providing the highest level of robotics automation to hospitals which are still using manual drug distribution. During the past two years they have built an advanced robotic pharmacy that makes drug distribution in hospitals more efficient and secure, saving hospitals millions each year, while improving the quality of care to patients. They have secured a European grant to fund the initial prototype in 2015 and are getting ready for the first hospital implementation in Europe. They have signed their first US-based hospital for launch in Q1 2018 and have secured a pipeline of 20+ hospitals in Turkey.



“Did you know that we can turn wine production waste into high quality bio-leather?”

Each year we create about 6,5 million tons of waste as a result of wine production, which is the solid waste that remains after crushing the juice from the grapes. Italy alone produces 5 Billion litres of wine each year. The disposal of the enormous quantities of grape marc each year presents a considerable challenge for winemakers because of its low digestibility, which does not make it a good feed for livestock and its acidic pH, which does not make it a good fertilizer. Vegea transforms wine waste into a high value added material, thus offering a green and cruelty free alternative to the materials that are already placed on the market. This has gathered big interest from the major fashion and automotive global brands, aiming to introduce Vegea into their production in order to face the growing need for eco-sustainable products.



Dynamic pricing is a core capability for market leaders in several industries, which is why Waterdata’s product liquidprice was born — to enable Dynamic Pricing as a Service. They use machine learning solutions to better understand demand behaviour and establish catalogue pricing accordingly. Waterdata’s mission is to support the digitalization, e-commerce and data-centric approaches in many EU digital markets.

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