EUTOP50 Women-Led VCs and Startups

Winners 2020

Organized in collaboration with Collabwith and The Wominvest Observatory

 We want to recognize efforts and contributions to equal investment opportunities for women led innovative business and women led VCs. Also, we want to recognize the efforts to reduce the women investment equality gap, and change the status-quo as a woman investor and as a Venture Capital, and create a different decision making process. At the same time, we want to recognize woman entrepreneurs in the innovation arena who are driving change with their technologies and innovative solutions in the area of sustainability, deep tech and digitization.

Women Entrepreneur Award for Sustainable Innovation

“Water recycling systems should become a standard item in every single home and building, just like climate control, solar panels, or heat pumps.”

▸ Using innovation and technology to create a disruptive water recycling system. Not an bulky, industrial solution, but a compact, affordable, low-maintenance, designer consumer product.

▸ A game changer. Hydraloop’s system not only reduces tap water consumption, but also halves the wastewater flow. Hydraloop has become a world trademark.Hydraloop is a certified innovative in-house water recycling system which collects bathroom and washing machine water and cleans and disinfects it, saving water by recycling 85% of the total in-house domestic water used.

Women Entrepreneur Award for Deep Tech Innovation

“Enabling the Next Generation Agriculture Insurance.”

IBISA is tackling the problem of uninsurability of millions of farmers and breeders worldwide by enabling the next generation agriculture insurance. A tech platform for mutuals and insurers to unlock this market and provide cost-efficient and automated weather index microinsurance using earth observation and blockchain technology.

IBISA is also contributing to building resilience, reduce poverty, improve food security, access to insurance results in access to credit.

Women Entrepreneur Award for Digitalization Innovation

▸ An innovative company using Photonics and high tech applications ranging from smartphones to quantum computers. However, it is set to become the electronics of the 21st century, but the market remains highly fragmented and its technical nature makes it difficult to navigate.

MEETOPTICS aims to solve this problem by creating a central point of reference for the photonics industry. Using MEETOPTICS online platform, engineers can learn, discover, and find what they need to create technologies based on photonics, in minutes instead of weeks, while photonics manufacturers can advertise their products centrally.

Women Investor Award for Supporting Women Entrepreneurs


▸ Bringing innovation through connecting corporates with the startup mindset. By maximizing impact and helping startups to anticipate and improve their strategy while bringing innovation to the organization.

▸ Promoting that all the players on the ecosystem know the rules of the game.

▸ Raising an impact investment fund with a focus on Blue Economy, promotes the tech startup mindset to society, and ensures that women are not left behind.

Venture Capital Award for Being Inclusive and Investing in Women

KINGA STANISLAWSKA, Co-founder VC Experior & European Women in VC, UK

▸ Filling a critical funding gap in the innovation ecosystem to put Europe at the forefront of market-creating innovation.

▸ Invests in small and medium-sized enterprises with high growth potential.

▸ The VC provides development capital to companies that have a highly motivated and qualified management team, have sustainable competitive advantages and a clear value-based offer for the customer, are scalable, are at the growth/expansion stage, have a cash generation potential.