1. Aldstone

Susana Núria Guerrero López, CEO & Founder, UK

The projected future impact with ALDStone influence is going to transform the built environment sector from linear to circular, providing a more sustainable economic model and more regenerative environmental protection, through less waste of natural resources and doing more with what we already have.

ALDStone is an innovative, visionary, circular solutions distributor, supplier and consultancy, specialising in implementing new circular business models, systems, products and services for the built environment.

Currently, a low percentage of materials used for construction are recycled or reused, the rest are wasted and sent to landfill, which is economically and environmentally unsustainable.

ALDStone integrated circular systems, allow tiles of almost any material including stone, ceramic and wood, to be removed and reused at other locations. This provides cost savings through reuse and sharing models, plus long-term protecting economic and finite environmental resources, reducing the extraction of natural resources and ultimately closing the loop

2. Babyndex

Zajzon Bodó, CEO, Hungary

“Non-intrusive and reusable way to detect your most fertile days – from a singledrop of saliva!”

In OECD countries, there are 1 million IVF treatment cycles every year. Nevertheless, most people use inaccurate, body-temperature ovulation tests because they are reusable. The FDA approved the saliva test and Sinfonic had the idea to complement it with computer vision and launched a PCT patent application in 2016. The interpretation of the saliva test is difficult. The prototype of Babyndex https://babyndex.eu was launched in 2018 using computer vision to distinguish crystals from other artefacts in saliva test and to make its interpretation easy. In addition, the accuracy can also be increased with the help of more sophisticated computer vision algorithms.

With Babyndex, we can offer a reusable saliva test, which is more accurate and monitors 6-day fertility, not only the day of ovulation.

The project received a Seal of Excellence and was selected for incubation by Innolabs in 2017. Babyndex was registered as a EU trade mark in 2018.

3. Bioseco

Adam Jaworski, CEO, Poland

Innovation for bird monitoring”

Bioseco develops the Multirejestrator – highly innovative system that monitors and protects birds from colliding with wind farms and prevents bird strikes at the airports and wind farms.

Bioseco is a team of IT engineers, optical, radar and computer specialists who work closely with ornithologists, chiropterologists, aviation experts and high security installation specialists to develop, refine and optimise an innovative and cost-effective system that protects birds and reduce costs at the airports (during takeoff and landing, thereby increasing air passenger safety and reducing aircraft repair costs and bird mortality) and wind farms

4. Dexter

Luuk Veeken, Co-Director, Netherlands

Forecasting energy using AI

Dexter started early 2017 by Luuk Veeken with the idea of using machine learning to improve the electricity system. After a dozen pilots, Dexter clarified its mission: Helping energy companies lead the way towards a cleaner and affordable energy future by offering data analytics and forecasting services.

Our drive is to build great software technologies that accelerate the energy transition. Our DNA is (clean) energy and data science. We combine our domain knowledge of the electricity system with advanced machine learning technologies and offer our services through cloud architecture.

5. Drone Hopper

Pablo Flores, Founder & CTO, Spain

“Design, manufacture and shell heavy-duty drones for firefighting, agriculture applications and logistic solutions”

At DRONE HOPPER we design and manufacture heavy-duty drones for professional uses. Our vision started with wildfires firefighting, which is a huge issue in Southern European countries. The use of this smart drones with up to 600 liters of water will provide a very powerful tool to tackle wildfire, offering unique features, like night operation capability, risk to pilots deletion, enhanced precision and efficiency, automated operation and possibility to work with several units on a coordinated mode (swarm).

During the life of the project, we have evolved this initial idea to a flexible family of heavy-lifters drones capable of overcoming the limitations of electrical powered drones in a variety of different sizes for different purposes like agriculture, urban fires, search & rescue and first response on natural disasters.

We have developed proprietary technology in key aspects of our platforms, including 2 patents (water mist creation and attitude stability system).

6. Ecomate

Alan Gallicchio, Product Developer & Founder, Italy

“The first Sustainability Rating for SME”

Ecomate was founded based on a common vision: the ambition of making access to sustainability an undeniable right of every company, not just corporations. Ecomate is developing a sustainability algorithm that guides European small and medium companies towards financial growth, while generating a positive social and environmental impact. The world’s first sustainability rating for SMEs that, through artificial intelligence, provides competitive advantage educating and suggesting tangible economical, social and environmental actions. Ecomate: the power of 100+ consultants for the cost of 1

7. Epic Blue

Frederik Malesevic, Vice President, Belgium


Seamless and real-time access to indoor and outdoor positioning information is increasingly mission critical. A better awareness of our location has a direct impact up to 27%, due to the significant increase of efficiency of the operational management. But as we spend 85% of our time in a GPS-denied environment, it’s impossible to rely on satellite signals alone. To ensure continuity of business operations no matter where, the Belgian software company epic.blue has developed the next generation positioning platform based on sensor fusion and machine learning technology. A robust wearable was designed in partnership with imec, the world-leading R&D and innovation hub for digital technologies, to spearhead and augment the unique epic.blue technology into any operational environment. This helps companies to master and connect their locations, so they can increase safety, unlock business insights, optimize effectiveness and augment staff engagement.

8. Genomic Expression

Gitte Pedersen, CEO, Denmark

We are experts in analyzing RNA using PCR and Next Generation Sequencing to better identify cancer treatments

OneRNA™ saves lives and makes healthcare delivery more effective by sequencing RNA and linking actionable over or under expressed RNA’s to therapies and clinical trials.

Genomic Expression raised €8M (€6.5M in grants) to clinically validate OneRNA™ in 4 types of cancer focusing on women’s cancer first. We are raising a series A for regulatory approvals. That brings our OneRNA™ platform from a €1B tool market into the €20B diagnostic market, providing benefits for the patients and saving healthcare € in less than 12 month, not to years which is the typical development timeline for drugs.

9. Laska Energy

Selcan Catal, COO, Turkey

Laska Energy is a Cleantech company Which can produce safe clean and uninterrupted energy and get valuable raw material from waste of car tires.Each year there are 1.5B of waste of car tires.400M tires from Europe.Even though we don’t see them in our habitats, they actually exist. The world is no longer able to carry them.It causes to natural disasters and harmful diseases.We take waste tires, we process them, we get biofuels and by our innovation we prevent environmentally harmful substances such as sulfur.We start to evaluate tires in Turkey then We realize; It is a national problem.Renewable energy sources are consuming.With Laska, we also protect these resources.Laska Energy creates huge climate impact.It saves more CO2 than 1M trees consume and it is equal to 4000 hectares of forests.Imagine that 12 times of CentralPark 84 times of VondelPark 21 times of Hydepark. One passion One technology Less Waste Tires More Clean Energy!

10. Loqr

Ricardo Costa, Founder & CEO, Portugal

“Your digital banking enabler”

LOQR Unified Identity Management Platform provides a single integrated and centralized solution to provide identity verification, identity engagement including risk based strong adaptative authentication and identity provider, thought a single trusted identity that can be used by a unique person on all services to which is entitled inside one organization. Using this approach we provide a centralized customer centric mobile first one-stop-shop to manage the complete lifecycle of a digital identity always in accordance with the best privacy and security standards and compliance needs. Our solutions are adapted for each market and we currently operate in Europe and Asia.

11. Nect

Benny Bennet Jürgens, CEO & Co-Founder, Germany

“The future of everything is linked to the future of identity”

Nect delivers the self-service future of identity verification. We use patent pending self-developed deep technology to fulfil the market needs of regulated companies, serving the 20B$ identity verification as a service market. Thanks to our innovations and strategic market penetration with large German insurers, our patent pending tech gains momentum every day.

Regulated companies are required by law to have high confidence in their customers’ identity (KYC). Current ID verification solutions have low conversion rates down to 50%. Nect makes identity verification as easy as a selfie and more secure than a face to face verification. Already in its first month in business, Nect has proven that conversion rates of over 90% can be achieved – thus acting directly as an accelerator of the digitalization of the Old Economy, such as insurance companies, banks and telecommunications providers, while still complying with the important and strict requirements of European laws like Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Data Privacy.

12. Nodeweaver

Carlo Daffara, CEO & Co-Founder, Italy

Most of computing happens outside of comfortable data centres: in industrial control systems, in remote locations where connectivity is not available, on top of telephone poles or in places where there are no IT experts. NodeWeaver provides for these environments “reliability as a service”: we run any application anywhere, so that it works even when something fails, without requiring user intervention. NodeWeaver can run from the smallest edge devices (2 physical cores, 4GB of memory) up to entire data centers, while our autonomic engine removes all the management tasks – configuration, adding or removing hardware capacity, replacing components, even with heterogeneous hardware; the integrated optimisation engine dynamically adapts the environment to reach any user requirement – with no need to explicitly provide commands.

The result of 6 years of EU research projects, NodeWeaver is the first scalable platform designed to do one thing in a perfect way: run your applications, anywhere, without interruptions.

13. Nuada

Filipe Quinaz, CEO, Portugal


Good hand function is paramount to the performance of many tasks in daily life, such as personal care, leisure and occupational activities. As such, pain and lack of strength in the hand due to ageing, Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) and other health problems is a major concern in todays’ society.

Having this in mind, we created Nuada, a hand function improving system in a form of a soft and intelligent exoskeleton that is safe, light and small.  It was designed to be affordable and non-intrusive. It allows users to hold up to 40 Kg’s with their hands relaxed.

Our solution uses thin, breathable, flexible and smart textiles that people can customize. It’s a unique enhancement technology that aims to be an everyday essential wearable that people even forget they are wearing.

14. Pharem

Martin Ryen, CEO, Sweden

Organic micro pollutants such as pharmaceuticals is an environmental problem recognized and addressed by organizations like WHO and the European Commission and pose important threats such as antibiotic resistance and diminishing animal populations.

The existing alternatives lead to either extreme changes to modern society or very expensive and impractical solutions.

Pharem has been recognized and awarded for their unique approach of introducing and implementing a new technology based on natures own degradation machines, enzymes, and offer small, simple and low-cost solutions to all segments of the society.

A toilet application through the awarded product pCure offer the private consumer a simple solution for reducing pharmaceuticals in the environment at the most important source, the home.

Pharem Filtration System funded through the Horizon 2020 offer reduction of 80% + at the bottleneck in wastewater plants as well as industrial process water and offer cost reductions of up to 50 % compared to alternative solutions.

15. Rx-Biologicals

Jan-Jaap Verhoef, Founder & CEO, Netherlands

“At Rx-Biologicals we build the antibody production platform of tomorrow. “

The next generation of rational immunotherapy design will be focussed around the individual patients.  Treating patients with a personalized monoclonal antibody (pmAb) requires that that cycle from diagnosis until treatment are fully connected. Development of a pmAb can only be clinical effective when this proces is both effective, safe, and fast. That’s why we work hard to build a production platform that standardizes these processes to limit the time from biopsy until treatment to only several weeks. Our proprietary platform enables standardization in the production process leading to significant reduction in time and costs.

16. Shayp

Alexandre McCormack, Founder & CEO, Belgium

“Cut water bills by 20%. Reduce risk of damage by up to 50%.“

Shayp has the ambition to save 100 billion liters of water every year by eradicating water loss in cities. In the EU, over 35% of distributed water is wasted everyday due to leaks in homes, buildings & infrastructures. Citizens and companies are starting to feel the consequences since the costs of water have nearly tripled in the past decade in some regions of Europe.

From one single measuring point, installed under 5 minutes, Shayp can instantly assess the total cost of water leaks in homes & buildings. Shayp prioritizes and dispatches maintenance while keeping track of the savings generated, guaranteeing an ROI less than a year for municipalities. Furthermore, citizens can gain access to Shayp’s services and technology through their insurance, which helps mitigate the costs of water damage, representing a third of home insurance costs.

17. Sibreax

Tim Horlacher, CEO & Co-Founder, Switzerland

“SiBreaX develops drugs and hydrogels based on trigger-breakable silicate nano-/microparticles”

SiBreaX develops innovative drugs based on a unique drug delivery system comprised of triggered-breakable silicate nanoparticles.

In contrast to existing technologies, SiBreaX nanoparticles are based on silicate (i.e., sand). Owing to their different chemical properties, silicate nanoparticles can carry different, untapped drug types and can target different tissues, thereby opening access to novel therapeutics. In particular, SiBreaX nanoparticles facilitate to efficiently deliver proteins and peptides into targets cells of lung, liver, or immune tissue – what currently cannot be efficiently addressed by competing technologies. Hence, leveraging its unique system, SiBreaX develops innovative drugs based on the intracellular delivery of peptides/proteins and RNA to lung, liver, or immune cells to treat these diseases.

18. Smartex

António Rocha. Co-Founder & CTO, Portugal

Smartex is a engineered solution to help textile manufacturers improve production yields, by reducing defective output to close to 0% and providing faulty production monitoring software. Nowadays, product inspection mechanisms are mainly made by workers looking at textiles, all day long. Who even does that?!

Our product consists on a fault detection system that can be easily plugged into Circular Knitting Machines, collecting images from output fabric, which are then analyzed by powerful Computer Vision and AI algorithms – it is connected to the machine, stopping it if a cyclic fault is detected. Smartex’s device stores data in the Cloud, providing an overview of the production plant through a web and mobile app, anytime, anywhere.

Smartex wants to engage Textile Industry with another Revolution: the IoT, the Industry 4.0, the AI revolutions. We believe in continuous efficiency improvement – we want to provide a cutting-edge technology to a so important industrial sector.

19. Vertoro

Michael Boot, CEO & Co-Founder, Netherlands

“Vertoro aims to speed up the green revolution”

There have been several major oil revolutions throughout history. Whale oil to US fossil oil in the 19th century; a pivot to the Arabian variety in the 20th; then back again to the US with shale oil in the 21st. While diverse in composition and origin, all share the common denominator of being unsustainable. At Vertoro, our mission is to change all of that with our crude lignin oil (CLO). Lignin, a major constituent of wood, is produced by photosynthesis at a scale of 20 billion tons per year. That’s 4 times more than the annual 5 billion tons of fossil oil we consume today! Developed by scientists at Royal DSM and Eindhoven University of Technology, and exclusively licensed to spin-off Vertoro, the lignin to CLO recipe is now being scaled up to a barrel-per-day pilot plant. Like fossil oil, CLO can be used to produce fuels, chemicals, and materials.

20. VideoOcculograph


VideoOculograph is 1-st intelligent portable device on base of computer vision and machine learning for reliable health diagnostics by eye moves and pupils’ reaction and noninvasive treatment of eye pathologies if such were revealed just simply by programmable light stimulation. No surgery risks or rehabilitation period at all. Technology was scientifically validated on base of leading clinics including Fedorov network medical clinic ISTC «Eye microsurgery» with more than 300 successfully treated patients with nystagmus in the result. Additionally it includes functional of lie detector by involuntary eye moves – parameter which can’t be controlled intentionally and can replace the standard drug test as could be used for revealing of narcotic and alcoholic intoxication by pupils’ reaction. Thus, it’s revolutionary technology which forever will change the way we used to conduct vision diagnostics and treatment and will improve people’ health overall as well, make their lives happier, healthier, and easier—every day.